by Megan

I’m an itinerate teacher of the dead/hard of hearing. What does that mean?! That means I travel between multiple school districts and buildings to work with students who are deaf or hard of hearing. I help provide services they wouldn’t get in the general education classroom. It’s hard, challenging but so rewarding! I love my job…minus the paperwork. Ugh! 

But, the perk of my job…getting to know so many fabulous people. Here’s just a few of my favorites (need to get more pictures of all my favorites…there’s a lot of them!!)

Many of my favorite Malonians!!

We are a special pair!


I have a running buddy! Perk, I also bug her on a regular basis at school.


Coworkers, turned friends…fabulous!!


My favorite green M&M!!


We run together so we can drink together!!


This is a few years old, but she’s one of my favorite “Katies”!