Happy Birthday Eli!!!

by Megan

Four years ago today, we gave birthday to an amazing, loveable, challenging, sweet, sensitive little boy…Eli Mathias.

Enjoy the pictures of Eli’s first four years.

Two weeks before Eli made his appearance, a dear friend took some “belly shots” for us, we truly enjoyed it.

Eli Mathias, just moments after he was born.

Our first family photo, just moments after Eli was born and moments before the hospital staff “whisked” him away.

Baby’s first mohawk!! Here’s Eli’s first mohawk a few days after his first open heart surgery.

We celebrated our first family Christmas a few weeks after Eli came home from the hospital.

“I love eating my fingers!!”

Eli is holding his head up for the first time while on his tummy!! Poppa had the joy of watching him for a week and got to see this new milestone.

Here’s my big boy, all clean after bath time.

Eli put his snack cup and his sippy cup in the wheelbarrow and then started crying. We are not sure why, but it was a picture worthy moment.

Eli’s new shirt announced the upcoming arrival of his baby brother!

We used some memorial money from Mom’s funeral to purchase some new trees for our front yard. Eli and Alexis were helping Daddy/Uncle Dave clear out the debris from the front yard.

Our new family of 4 – Daddy, Mommy, Eli and Noah.

Eli had a blast one afternoon putting stickers all over his forehead.

Eli was chilly while we were hanging out by the pool in Mexico.

Big brother, little brother!

Dave made the box that the stroller came in, into a house for the boys to play in. Eli insisted in sleeping in the box during nap time. He slept great and loved it.

Eli found the bandage wraps and needed his “owies” bandaged.

So happy! Eli had a blast at the Augustana College homecoming parade.

We had Evan and Alexis over one night so we decided to have fun with shaving cream. They played with shaving cream on the table before taking a bath and watching a movie.

We “hid” Easter eggs out in the yard this year for the boys to find. They had so much fun searching the entire yard and filling up their Easter baskets.

Happy birthday to my loveable, sweet, excitable, challenging boy. I love you very much Eli!! I think God everyday for giving you to me and allowing me to be your Mom. I love you!!

Happy Birthday Eli!!!!