Backyard Camping Adventure

by Megan

Yesterday, we decided to go camping in the backyard. We want to take the boys camping but thought we should give it a “test run” first.

We ate our dinner outside on the deck. We had hotdogs, watermelon and chips. All very yummy! Oh, I guess I should mention that our hotdogs were wrapped in bacon. Yum!!!!! ;-)


Later, when the temps cooled down, we had a bonfire and roasted s’mores. The boys had fun staying up late and being outside. They especially enjoyed their glow sticks. Once it was dark enough, I gave them some glow sticks to play with. They were a hit!

Brothers hanging out. They had to sit next to each other for most of the night.


Marshmallow eating boy!!


Enjoying some more freedom before bedtime. They loved the tent!


Chair stealing cutie!!!


I had to take a picture of them when I came into the tent. Noah’s butt is in the air and Eli is all sprawled out.


Our neighbor, Dave (his wife is Megan – what are the odds?), came over and hung out with us for several hours. We had a good time chatting and getting to know him better. This was my view for a few hours. Serenity!!


Eli was awake kind of early, which was fine, we needed to go let out Riley (friend’s dog). I snapped this picture of Noah. Such a cutie!!!


One last picture before our camping adventure was over. The beautiful sun glistening off our tent.