They said what?

by Dave

Eli’s been on a roll lately with quotable sayings that only kids seem to come up with. Here’s yesterday’s exchange as he was eating a popsicle:

D: what kind of Popsicle do you have Eli?
E: flavor
D: yes, what kind of flavor?
E: flavor, that’s what kind of Popsicle I have.

This morning’s offering (while getting shoes on to go to daycare) was a bit more strange:

When I get bigger I’m gonna be a girl and have a baby in my tummy. Noah will get in my tummy and he’ll be small like baby Caleb.

Caleb is a new baby that belongs to our friends who live a few blocks away. This evening my niece, Alexis, stole the show. After dinner she was washing her hands and splashed a couple drops of water on her dress and proceeded to sob. While doing so, she yelled out:

I’m melting!

I’d hate to see what happens if she were to get caught in the rain. The crazy thing about this stuff is for every item I post here, they’ve said 30 weird and hilarious things that I didn’t manage to write down.