by Megan

Please pray for my job situation. Here’s the “scoop”…

I work for an agency called CESA #11 in Wisconsin. When school districts have student(s) with a hearing loss that is affecting their academics, the districts contact CESA for a DHH (deaf/hard of hearing) teacher to come work with the student(s). Often times we work in multiple districts, in the past I’ve been in as many as 6 school districts, currently I’m just in 2 districts. This year, the two districts that I serve have withdrawn from CESA services which means effective June 30th I will be laid off from CESA. Ellsworth, one of my districts, is planning to hire their own DHH teacher and contract services with Prescott, my other district. I have applied for the teaching position with Ellsworth. As of right now, I am the only applicant for the position. I will not hear anything from the district until the position closes on Friday, May 4th.

Pray that the district will find favor in me, my teaching skills and my abilities to provide student success.