Christmas Letter

by Megan

Happy New Year!!

                Every year around this time, I often find myself saying, “wow, the year went by so fast!!” Do you find yourself saying that too? I decided to not push myself to get our Christmas letter out before Christmas. I’m learning to slow down and prioritize more. God has given us many challenges this year but has also blessed us, very richly!!

Dave had an eventful year. He started off the year working full-time for FedEx and now, has spent the past 4 months home with the boys. He is truly enjoying his time at home with the boys. Dave had surgery in July to repair a broken jaw he sustained during a softball game. He was on a liquid diet for six weeks: not fun! He has also kept himself busy with his band, My Fall Lament. They had a few gigs this fall; unfortunately, I haven’t been able to attend any yet. They are typically during the week and late at night. He has also spent a lot of time playing for the worship team at church—a truly blessed time. Dave and I took time to read the Five Love Languages, and now know how to better serve and love each other. He has been busy filling my ‘love tank’ by doing a lot of small projects around the house. Our laundry/storage room is almost done (in an unfinished way) and the downstairs bedroom is nearly done.

Eli turned three on November 11. My baby is three!!!! He is so talkative, imaginative, busy, playful, loving, stubborn and tenderhearted. Eli has transitioned into big brotherhood very well. He does a great job of caring for and playing with his little brother. But he can be a bit of a stinker as well. He has been known to hit Noah, sit on Noah and yell at Noah…all the things big brothers tend to do. Eli had his third open-heart surgery this summer. We spent two weeks in the hospital waiting for the ‘all clear’ from the doctors. While in the hospital Eli ate A LOT of chips and salsa, fought taking his medication, played with his cars, took some naps, went for A LOT of walks and watched A LOT of movies. In looking at him now, you would never know he had open-heart surgery 5 months ago. His color is fantastic, his saturation levels are in the high 90’s and he has energy…A LOT of it.

Noah turned one on November 15th. My baby is one!!! He is so much fun to watch grow up. He is so busy, so cuddly, so talkative (lots of babbling, mom, dada, up), learning to sign (more, all done, milk, eat) and so sweet. Noah has mastered the younger brother ‘annoying me’ tactics very well. He always wants to be by Eli, do whatever Eli is doing and more often than not, Eli doesn’t want him around. Noah is very curious and can be helpful…sometimes. He does a great job of taking stuff out of something, but will then try to put it back. Just this week Noah took off walking. He’s been taking a few steps here and there, walking along stuff but now he’s walking! He’s sweet and I enjoy loving on him as often as I can.

I’ve been doing alright. I had an interesting year at work; I’m still work for CESA #11. I was partially laid off but then reinstated back to full-time a few months later. I dropped several districts due to caseload changes and travel a lot less this year than in the past. It’s been crazy but I still truly enjoy my job. Dad, Brianna and I celebrated Mom’s one-year anniversary by having a picnic in the cemetery with her. It was a beautiful fall day and we had a wonderful time being together and remembering Mom. As we were packing up, Brianna said, “That was fun. We should do this every year.” Dad and I agreed. I’ve had a tough year emotionally but I keep reminding myself to lean on God’s grace and to have hope in Him. It’s been a challenge, but I know He’ll bring me through it.

As a family we took a vacation back in February. We went to Puerto Vallarta, MX with Dave’s parents. Just an FYI to all you travelers out there, NEVER fly internationally via standby. It seriously felt like the trip that wouldn’t end. It took us 2 days to get there and 2 days to get home. Despite travel horrors, we had a wonderful time relaxing in the sun, lots of pool time and lots of Grandma and Grandpa time.

Please follow us on our blog, I intend to do a better job of updating our blog on a more regular basis with news, information and pictures of my sweet boys.

We hope and pray you all have a truly wonderful New Year!!