Memorial Run/Walk

by Megan

Yesterday was the Reeve Memorial 5k walk/run in Reeve. There was such a wonderful turn out.

They counted 68 people, who registered to walk or run. There were volunteers to watch the kiddos so parents could walk/run, volunteers to cheer on the participants, volunteers taking pictures, volunteers to ‘man’ the food and lots of people praying for those whose hearts were hurting.

We sold t-shirts to those who wanted to walk/run in memory of Mom. We were able to sell a lot of shirts but still have a lot to sell (anyone want a shirt?!?). We had several family members and friends who came to walk in memory of Mom. I was so overwhelmed by the love and support of those who were loving on us during this time. My emotions were out of control for much of the morning. I was simply overwhelmed.

Poor Brianna was too excited about the race. She took off running, slipped and fell. She managed to bang up her face, both hands, knees and maybe her elbows (I can’t remember). Anyway, she didn’t get to walk or run and was really disappointed. Dad took her to the hospital to really get her injuries cleaned up and looked at. The good news, they didn’t have to amputate – although it was discussed. ;-)

Here is a family picture. It was a beautiful day to remember those who are already with our Heavenly Father.

Dad, Eli, Dave, Noah, Me and Brianna.

Grandma Ree is in the background.