A Good Idea From MnDOT? Gasp!

by Dave

As the old saying goes, there are two seasons in Minnesota: winter and road construction. The latter brings with it a great annoyance of mine: the “I moved over too soon for the upcoming merge and I’ve been sitting in the slow lane for too long and am going to block both lanes to prevent any more people from budging in front of me” driver. There appears to be a solution.

A new campaign from MnDOT has been getting a lot of play on the radio this summer and, frankly, every driver needs to read this info. They’re advising drivers to wait to merge until you actually reach the merge, not before. Most people seem to think drivers who use the disappearing lane are jerks trying to cut in line; not true! It is safest and most efficient to merge where the lanes actually narrow, with cars taking turns merging. Check it out and see the full benefits of this system.