Praise God!!

by Megan

Whoohoo!!! Eli’s chest tube came out today. Hallelujah!! We are so excited. This is one step closer to being able to go home. Some of his blood levels need to become more stable and we need to get his rash figured out (he all of the sudden broke out in hives or a rash in random places on his body) before we can go home. Today the doctor said it could be a couple more days (which means it could be 2 days or it could be 5 days, who knows). I’m just so excited that the tube came out, it means we are so close to being able to go home.

He is getting better at taking his medication. The sticker chart is a GREAT incentive for him, he really enjoys being able to put a sticker on his chart after taking his medication, going for a walk, eating some food, etc. Today he asked to put a sticker on the chart (we were just watching a movie, he hadn’t done anything to ‘earn’ a sticker), I asked ‘what for?’. His response, ‘I don’t know. Cuz I’m cute!’. How could anyone resist that?!?! ;-)

I had to laugh at how squirrely he was today. He was just so full of energy, it was a definite change from his previous behavior. I was just shocked and amazed! We did lots of walking, playing, talking, giggling, and smiling today. Oh it was a great day!! Very much needed for my heart, I was feeling really sad this morning so to have such a wonderful afternoon with Eli and Noah was great for me.

Prayer Request:

  • Pray the doctors figure out what is causing his rash, once this is stabilized and taken care of, we should be able to go home. They won’t send us home until they can figure out what is causing the rash.
  • Pray that he will continue to improve on taking his medication.
  • Pray the fluid on his lungs will not return at all (we don’t want the chest tube to go back in).
  • Pray for us, pray that we can remain patient and not get overly anxious with the possibility of coming home soon.

Thank you so much for all your love, prayers and support!!! You are all a sweet blessing to us.