Still there…

by Megan

We are still in the hospital but making some good progress. The doctors are optimistic that the chest tube could be coming out soon (1-3 days – but could be longer). Once the tube is out, we’ll get to go home within a few days after that. Yay!

Chest tube – The drainage seems to be slowing down, which means it is starting to dry up. This is GREAT!!!!!!! Eli has been up and moving around a lot these last 2 days, the doctors have told us he needs to walk a minimum of 5 times a day. We’ve been pushing him to go further for longer.The more he moves around the more fluid drains out.

Meds – The medicine taking has gotten a tiny bit better. We are still having to ‘force’ most of them in his mouth but he isn’t spitting out as much as before.

Incentive – His incentive for doing so well with taking his medicine, going for walks, listening to us/nurses/doctors have been putting stickers on a sticker chart. I’m wondering if this is something we’ll have to continue doing at home, if so, we’ll get stickers.

Please keep praying! We are so ready for life to resume to ‘normal’ (aka – everyone at home).