Night #1

by Megan

I’m not going to lie, it was a semi-rough night of sleep. Dave got a few hours in while I sat up with Eli until about 2am, then we switched until Eli fell asleep.

Eli would doze for 10-15 minutes, wake up and request a drink, then fall back asleep. I was unable to sleep during this time. As soon as Eli would get settled, I would get settled and then he would wake up again. It was a vicious cycle for about 3 hours. He did get to drink some water, juice and a little bit of milk.

During the night they gave him some more diuretics, the doc was concerned about some fluid build up on his side. There was talk of possibly needing to put in another small chest tube to drain the fluid, but it was decided that was not necessary. PTL! They did give him some more sedation to help keep him calm. So far he’s been doing alright.

There was talk of removing his chest tubes today, we’ll see how that goes. There was also talk of allowing him to eat some food. So, we’ll see what they say. I’m just floored at how well he’s doing. I’m so proud of my little man. I was feeling a bit like a failure at being his mom last night, I had hit my limit and needed to give his care over to the nurse and Dave so I could rest. It was hard on my heart, but I also know that I need to take care of myself.

This is my view at the moment.