Summer vacation officially started today!!!

by Megan

Yep, its official. I’m on summer vacation until August. Whoohoo!! I’m very much looking forward to having some time off to be with my boys, get some much-needed projects done and spend some time focusing on me. I have a list of projects about a mile long! On a sheet of paper I have the names of each room (Eli’s bedroom, our bedroom, bathroom, etc.) and a list of things I need/want to do in each room. The list ranges from cleaning to hanging pictures on the wall. We’ve been in our house for nearly 2 years and there are still no pictures on the wall. Well, I’m changing all that this summer. I’m hoping I can make a major dent in my lists.

Quick updates on all of us…

Dave is busy playing softball each week, buying/selling music gear (he currently owns 5, yes 5 bass guitars), doing some work on the house, playing his bass(es) and lovin’ on his family. He’s a very busy man but seems to enjoy it. We’ve been dreaming up ideas for our house and landscape ideas for the yard. Lots of ideas, just saving our pennies to get it done.

Eli is talking a mile-a-minute. His vocabulary has grown by leaps and bounds. We love listening to him talk and talk and talk!! He loves to play with his cars and trains, scare Noah (he giggles the whole time) and be ‘helpful’ around the house. He is becoming very independent and wants to do lots of things by himself. We have been encouraging the potty training ordeal, but he is uninterested. Maybe in a few more months. Here is a picture of my growing boy, I can’t believe he is already 2.5 years old. Eli is scheduled to have his 3rd open-heart surgery on Tuesday, July 12th.

Noah is busy growing and becoming a porker!! He is now a master at rolling around on the floor. He’s getting better at learning to sit up. He loves to play with his toys. Noah has discovered his voice and babbles a mile-a-minute just like his brother. They can be found having ‘conversations’ together, lots of giggling! Noah is learning to crawl, he’s not quite there but he can army crawl and scooch around on the floor. Lynn, our daycare provider, said he is a man with a mission at her house (he chases the dog). :) Noah is also becoming quite the eater, he will eat just about anything put in front of him without much fuss. He recently started eating broken down goldfish and loves them.

I’ve been busy doing some cleaning and organizing. Today I’m feeling a bit under the weather and spent the day resting. I hope to be ‘back at it’ tomorrow (with moderation, don’t want to over do myself). I’ve been enjoying my snuggles and loves with my boys (all three of them). I’ve been busy scrapbooking and crocheting. Dave and I’ve been making plans for the yard and inside of the house. I’m starting to do some online shopping for house stuff – time to decorate!!!

My sweet baby boys!!