Baby update

by Dave

As of today, I’m two days overdue. Bleh!!! Earlier this week Dr. Lockwood said no matter what, I was to be induced before Wednesday (the 17th) due to higher than normal blood pressure and excessive swelling. Plus, I will also be 41 weeks pregnant on Wednesday (the longest I’ll ever have been pregnant – I was induced 8 days early with Eli). When Dr. Lockwood called a few minutes ago, he said he will call labor and delivery to schedule a time to be induced. So, depending upon what labor and delivery’s schedule, I’m going to be induced either on Monday or Tuesday of next week. Yay!!  

Lots of things to pray for…

  • Pray for a swift, smooth delivery.
  • Pray for the baby, that if he hasn’t already, that he will turn to face down (he’s was sunny side up on Tuesday).
  • Pray the baby comes out healthy and whole.
  • Pray that although it will be a bittersweet day (with Mom not being there) that we will be so overcome with joy and will feel Mom’s presence throughout the day.

Thank you for everything! I/we truly appreciate your prayers, encouragement and support. Many blessings to you all.