New work schedule…

by Dave

Yesterday, Dave and I spent a lot of time on the phone trying to decide what we wanted his new work schedule to be at FedEx. Things are currently light and rather than laying off/firing people they are reducing hours and changing some routes around. At first I was a bit apprehensive about his new schedule, but I think it will work out in our favor and now I’m getting more excited about it.

Dave’s new schedule…Tuesday – Saturday – 10:15-6:30pm, with Sunday and Monday off.

He believes his Saturday route will end a bit earlier, maybe early afternoon. He’s looking forward to having Mondays off, now he can schedule appointments on his day off rather than trying to make them all for 8am and hope he’s done in time for work or use a personal day. He plans to either keep the boys home with him or send them to daycare for a few hours. We’ll have our evenings together.

At first I wasn’t real excited about him working on Saturdays but if he happens to get done earlier, we’ll still get some time together. I’m also excited about having more time with him in the evenings. Right now he gets home between 8:15-9pm and he basically eats, plays with Eli for a few minutes, one of us puts Eli to bed and then I go to bed. Such an exciting time.

Needless to say, I’m getting more pumped about his new schedule. I’m sure it will dawn on him several times over the next few days that he has 3 days off right now being as his new schedule starts on Monday and he doesn’t work Mondays anymore. ;-)