by Dave

Today was a fun day. We spent the afternoon chilling at home before heading out to a friend’s house for a barbeque. Everyone went home once all the kids (and adults) were tired out.

We decided to try and catch the Cottage Grove fireworks show on our way home. Once home I ran inside to see where they hold their display and to grab a snack. We made it over to the park about 10 minutes after the supposed start time of 10pm. Unfortunately, though, all the cars in the area were driving the other way. They must have started quite a bit early because we missed the big show completely. Fortunately, there were plenty of people who lived around the park shooting off their own sweet stuff.

We were interested to see how Eli would react. He did very well and was very into it. He didn’t seem scared at any point, despite having a couple really loud ones go off right behind us. The best part came when there was a slight lull in the neighborhood display; Eli made a noise, causing us to look at him. He was signing “more.” He did this a couple more times when a break would happen.

About a half-hour after arriving the massive traffic jam cleared and we headed home. We now know better for next year’s show. The only wild-card might be the new baby’s reaction to all the noise.