Eli Funnies…

by Dave

Eli has been super cute lately (well, he’s always super cute), but I’ve been wanting to get some of his cuteness on the blog.

Eli knows the following words/phrases in sign language: more, please, more please, eat, help, help please and milk. We have been working on ‘all done’ but he hasn’t picked up on that one yet. Key words are ‘mom’ and ‘no’.

When Eli is ready to eat he will run over to his high chair and sign ‘eat’, he often does this at night when it is bedtime as a stalling trick. He is getting better at feeding himself but still tends to make a big mess but that’s ok. His favorites right now are beef ravioli and mac n’ cheese. He LOVES apples and will devour them whenever he can. Veggies are still out of the question.

If we tell Eli it’s time to take a bath, he runs to the bathroom door and knocks on the door until we open it. He will dump his toys in the tub while we are busy filling up the tub and adding bubbles to the water, he’s most helpful. While in the bathtub if I give Eli the wash rag and tell him to wash his face, he puts the rag up to his face and scrubs. He is very proud of himself afterward. He can even pick up his toys when bath time is all done.

Eli knows where to go for a diaper change. If we say, ‘let’s go change your diaper’, he takes off running to his bedroom and reaches for the changing table. He also knows where his jammies are and will attempt to pull open the drawer to pull a pair out for us to change him for bedtime.

Lately I’ve been asking for lots of hugs, if I ask Eli for a hug he leans his head on my shoulder. If I ask him for a kiss, he leans his head forward for me to kiss. I’ve been telling him to give his toys a hug, he’ll put them up by his cheek and pretend to give them hugs.

When we get home, he likes to walk up the walkway and steps, then he will knock on the door until I open it. He then gets inside, shuts the door and sits down on the steps to take his shoes off. However, for a few days he was being lazy about taking his shoes off and would start crawling up the stairs instead. I would stop him and ask him to take his shoes off, well he stayed in his crawling position and stuck his foot out behind him expecting me to take his shoe off for him. That didn’t work out in his favor, I made him sit down and take his own shoes off. I think we are back in the routine.