Santa Drives a Fire Truck

by Dave

I was driving through Fridley today for work and saw a fire truck ahead of me. It didn’t take long to catch up as the truck was only going about 20 mph. As I closed in on the fire truck, I was a bit confused by what I saw. The truck was a ladder truck that appeared to have small lights all over it. It also looked like there was a person standing on top of it. I couldn’t get close enough to clearly make things out as there were several cars between me and the fire truck.

Finally, the fire truck turned a corner and my suspicions were confirmed; the ladder was decorated with Christmas lights and there was a guy dressed up as Santa standing the bucket of the ladder. He was just standing up there, waving to the oncoming cars. I’m not sure if that’s some sort of rookie hazing or just something weird the Fridley fire department likes to do when it snows. Either way, it was certainly interesting.