The fork ran away with the spoon…

by Dave

Dave had lots of fun on his hunting trip but did miss Eli and me. He didn’t shoot anything for himself, but Charlie was able to fill a tag for him. Upon arriving home (at 1am on Monday morning) he spent the next few days cutting and freezing meat. We are so lucky to have a full deep freezer – it’s full of meat, meals and ice cream! Thank you Jesus!!

I did see one mouse while Dave was gone. It was at 9:30pm on Friday night, I was heading downstairs to get some pjs for Eli and noticed one in the trap. I immediately went over to the neighbor’s house and ask if Terry would come and take care of the mouse for me. He was so wonderful, he not only took care of the mouse but also checked the other traps. Thank goodness for great neighbors.

We started painting the living room today and by ‘we’, I totally mean Dave. I did nothing to help other than keep Eli entertained. Eli and I were ‘caged’ into his room busy playing with all his toys. He did great and handled being penned in very well.

This post has nothing to do with a spoon or fork, but it did catch your attention – didn’t it!?!