by Dave

Well, Dave killed two more mice yesterday. One was brave enough to make an appearance in our kitchen but was trapped and killed. The second one was in a bucket downstairs unable to get out. I’m very thankful that the mice didn’t make their appearance until after I went to bed. This is how much I hate mice – between stress at work and having mice in my house – I’m physically ill much of the day. Ugh!!!

On a brighter note…Eli has a birthday wishlist! :) He would like a walking toy (to help him learn how to walk), medium sized toy balls (he likes playing catch), stackable toys, magnetic letters/numbers and plastic cars. These are all items that he likes playing with at other people’s houses. He also told us that he wants these toys. :)

Dave leaves for his big hunting trip this weekend. He leaves on Friday right after work and will return 9 days later. Eli will be going to daycare all day and Mama will be exhausted! I know Eli will do just fine at Jenny’s house, it will just be a new experience for him/us. Eli and I plan to go to my parent’s house the first weekend to celebrate his birthday with the family. The second weekend is still up in the air – if the Drews have their baby by then, we plan to visit them. If they haven’t had the baby yet we’ll go visit the Hintgens and meet baby Yuli. Or we’ll stay home and scrapbook with Sarah and Gator. So many choices we just need to decide.