Velcro Shoes

by Dave

Today began like most days; we woke up, got ready to go work on the house and drove down there. Once there, however, something odd happened. We pulled into the driveway and saw an older guy (late 50’s, early 60’s) with a crappy old truck parked in our driveway, standing next to the dumpster we rented. He was badly dressed and wearing velcro shoes. He said hello, asked if we owned the place, told us some story about some previous owners, and then got in his truck and drove away.

We thought it very strange, but I put it together when I went in the house. I looked outside through the window and saw a couple things in the dumpster that we hadn’t put there. I figured he was putting stuff in our dumpster. I had noticed while talking to the guy that he had an old computer in the back of his truck. That probably would have been in the dumpster, too, had we not shown up. He probably didn’t want to pay to dispose of his computer properly and saw the chance to dump it on somebody else. My guess is he’s a local and had perhaps seen our dumpster sitting there on a previous trip by the house. I’m hoping I see his truck parked somewhere and can return his items. It just goes to show that you can’t trust people who wear velcro shoes.