Chicken Pox

by Dave

Well, Eli managed to get chicken pox. The red spots showed up one Sunday morning and had multiplied by Monday morning. A quick trip to the doctor confirmed our suspicions. We’ve been more or less house-bound for a week now, it’s been alright though. Some family friends brought their kids over to visit in hopes they would get the pox. Don’t worry, Eli was very generous and shared them with his cousin, Alexis. Her spots showed up a day or two later. The two spotty kids have been having fun together though. Thankfully the chicken pox haven’t affected Eli in anyway, other than red spots on his body. He is still the happy, loving baby that he’s always been. Other good news is that Eli won’t need to have his chicken pox vaccinations when that time rolls around. Yay less shots!!!

In other news – after spending several days with Alexis, Eli is trying to figure out this scooting and crawling thing. He has some new moves and is doing lots of exploring. I’m not sure if I’m ready for my baby to crawl yet!