More pictures…

by Dave

We have added some recent photos of Eli and others. Please go to the photo tab to view the new pictures.

Quick update…

Eli is doing great! He has mastered a new skill, he can now lay on his tummy and lift his head up. He gets the biggest smile on his face when he does this, he is so proud of himself. Otherwise he is doing great and recovering very well from the surgery.

Dave and I are slowly recovering from various illnesses. We can’t seem to shake them off as easily as in the past. Otherwise we are doing well. We are still searching for the perfect home, several have slipped through our fingers, but we know the perfect one is still out there.

On an interesting note…Eli woke up just before 4am today and as we were changing his diaper and getting a bottle ready, the building fire alarms went off. We quickly scooped him up, grabbed a bottle and headed outside to wait for the firemen. Eli quickly fell back asleep after that as did Dave and I.