Quick Update…

by Dave

We have had a busy and somewhat stressful week since Eli came home on Sunday.

Sunday evening Dave wasn’t feeling well, it wasn’t long before the vomiting and other ‘fun’ stuff started. A trip to the doctor confirmed that he had a virus and it needed to work it’s way out of his system. Dave was sick until Tuesday evening and on Wednesday was feeling like his normal self. He is looking forward to having some quality ‘Eli time’ now that he is feeling better.

Eli has been doing great, we’re still trying to get a sleep pattern figured out again. He’s been eating well and playing well. The biggest change in his behavior is his desire to cuddle, he was not a cuddly baby before the surgery, now he wants to cuddle a lot. This does not bother us, we love cuddling with our son. :) Eli doesn’t seem to be too bothered or in pain, sometimes he may feel a bit uncomfortable but overall he has been a happy baby! This is what shocks people, he spent two full days in daycare a week after open heart surgery. Who does that…well, our son does that!!

AND…on Tuesday my car broke down. Dave was sick and couldn’t help fix/figure out what was wrong with it. Thankfully we have family in town who is good with cars. Nate came and worked on my car, he was able to locate the problem (something in my back brakes broke, on both sides). Due to the sun disappearing he wasn’t able to complete the job so Charlie, my father-in-law, finished the job yesterday. Sarah was wonderful too, she made us dinner and did some cleaning up for us. It felt great to rest for a moment.

Praise God we are finished with all that stuff! Dave is feeling much better, Eli is doing great and my car is all good. Thank you for your prayers, love, support and encouragement. We are so thankful and grateful for you all.