Pedals for Sale

by Dave

I’ve bought a lot of guitar and bass pedals lately. Most of them are going back to their home: eBay. Here’s what’s for sale:

  • Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer
  • Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter
  • Boss SD-1 Super Drive
  • Gallien-Krueger Diesel Dawg bass distortion

I also have two other pedals that will be listed next week: the Boss ODB-3 Bass OverDrive and Electro-Harmonix Octave Mulitplexer.

I am also on the verge of making several daring changes to my pedalboard lineup. I recently bought the new EHX Bass Big Muff Pi and it sounds fantastic. I’ve only tested it on my small practice amp at home, so the next step is to try it out with my main rig. If it passes (and I think it will), it will replace my current distortion, the Little Big Muff.

I also bought the EHX Bassballs (nano version). I’m trying to pick up a nano version of the EHX Small Stone phaser so I can put the two smaller pedals in the place of my current phaser, the EHX Russian Small Stone. The Bassballs is very cool, but I’ve yet to acquire and test the Nano Stone. I’ll post pics of the updated board as it changes.