Disappointment Sets In

by Dave

What a drag. The person our realtor has been in contact with at the listing agency is bordering on incompetence. Colin (our realtor) made a point of asking whether our offer had just been forwarded to the bank or if it had been accepted completely with no counter-offer from the bank. She said it was accepted with no counter.

Well, Colin called them again to get things started and the woman he’s been speaking to told him she had made a mistake; the bank actually had countered our offer. They want $8500 more than we offered. We’re willing to give a little, but not that much. We have a lot of time and we’re just coming into prime house-listing season. Plus, I’d hate to think that the people that are jerking us around at the listing agency are profiting from their stupidity.

We’re going to up our offer slightly. If they don’t bite, we’ll walk. We’ll see what happens.