Write Your Elected Officials

by Dave

The government is blowing our money faster than it can be printed. First they bailed out the irresponsible businesses that should have been allowed to fail. The President just signed into law one of the most ridiculous wastes of money we’ve ever seen. I think the new term “porkulus” aptly describes the nature of that bill. Now there’s talk of throwing away even more money to bail out the people who can’t pay their mortgages. I don’t know about you, but it drives me nuts that our tax money (money we don’t even have, by the way) is being used to subsidize all of these things.

I decided to write our elected officials in an effort to sway their opinion and let my voice be heard. Here’s what I wrote:

My wife, Megan, and I are appalled at the irresponsible spending the federal government has decided to undertake. We were against the bank bailout, against the so-called “stimulus” plan, and we are against the proposed mortgage bailout.

If your business can’t stay afloat of its own accord, it should fail. That’s capitalism. If I can’t pay my mortgage, I shouldn’t own that house. That’s common sense.

Americans, on the whole, already believe too much in entitlement and not enough in personal responsibility. How is anyone going to learn from this disaster if there are no consequences? The last thing we need is to throw more good money after bad.

You can write our senator (that’s ‘senator’ singular thanks to Coleman/Franken), Amy Klobuchar via her website. Find your representative here.