The Ever-Fluctuating Emotions of a Baby

by Dave

The next few pictures are an interesting look at the rapidly-changing emotions of a baby. Enjoy as Eli changes moods quicker than Minnesota weather.

Eli got his first bath in the tub the other day. He had some good facial expressions.

First Real Bath

Bath Time Drying Off

Megan got a few shots of him hanging out on the couch. These are pretty interesting. They were taken over the course of about six minutes.

Chillin' on the couch

Chillin' on the couch 2

Chillin' on the couch 3

Chillin' on the couch 4

The other day I finally caught Eli’s pout lip on camera. We’ve either been too slow or not ready with the camera every other time we’ve tried.

Eli's pout lip

Megan got this one. He loves the star on his play mat.

Mr. Smiley