Christmas Letter

by Dave

We have created a new page for our Christmas letter. The tab for the letter is located on the top right of the page, look for Christmas 2008. Enjoy!!

Latest Eli update…we went to the doctor twice this week, once for his one month check up, Dr. Gurney, and a second time to see his cardiologist, Dr. Rios. He was given a clean bill of health at both appointments. Dr. Rios was so pleased to see how well he is doing. Eli is eating well and gaining weight. According to their scale he weighed 8lbs. 13 oz. and was 21 1/2 inches long. His incision looks wonderful and is healing very nicely. We go back to both Dr. Gurney and Dr. Rios in one month. Eli is also nursing, with a bit of assistance (nipple shield) and is doing quite well with it.