Picture Update

by Dave

We’ve been slacking on the posting of new pics lately. So, here are a couple new ones to make up for it. Wednesday was interesting because aunt Sarah and cousin Alexis paid us a visit. This was the first time we’d seen Eli and Alexis together. You’ll note Alexis has been eating very well. She’s also taking her turn flexing for everyone to see.

Yesterday morning was also a fun day as Eli did a fair amount of bottle feeding. He was quite tired when he finished and was doing his old man impression, catching some flies.

Eli was apparently awake this afternoon because Megan got this great shot of his eyes. It’s a bit out of focus, but still a nice look at his eyes.

He did really well with his bottle feedings today. The doc was very impressed with the pace at which he’s been recovering and gave us an estimated release date of Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday (hopefully leaning toward Sunday). Praise God for his mercy and grace.