by Dave

As I’m sure many of you noticed, VistaPages (our webhost) was down for quite awhile today. But, we’re back.

Eli is doing well. They pulled back the sedation a bit (to increase his blood pressure), but it’s still strong enough that he’s not in pain. It was nice because he was moving and responding to touch. He even opened his eyes for a little while.

We were able to rub some gooey lotion on him because he’s pretty dry and crusty (he still hasn’t had a bath). Overall, he’s looking pretty good, especially when you consider that he had his heart cut up yesterday and his chest still isn’t closed. They covered his chest with gauze and a big sticky dressing that looks like saran wrap. He’s left open for a couple reasons. If anything goes wrong, they have quick access to his heart. It’s also less stressful on his heart since any swelling has a place to go and doesn’t compress it. If all goes to plan, he’ll be closed up either tomorrow or Monday.

We’re at home tonight, getting some much-needed downtime. We plan on watching a movie and going to bed early. Thank you for all your prayers as Eli is doing very well (and so are we, by the grace of God).