A Good Day

by Dave

We had a good day, today. We arrived at the hospital mid-morning and hung out with Eli for awhile. Later, some friends from church (the Hales, if you’re curious) had lunch with us in the cafeteria. We had planned on going home between lunch and dinner to do a bit of cleaning, but the afternoon flew by as we were able to hold him for over four hours between the two of us.

Some friends from Megan’s college days (the Ellsworths, if you must know) were in town and stopped by to meet the boy and say hello. We then went to dinner with a whole bunch of friends (the Carlsons, Hintzes and Ellsworths) at Old Chicago. I love their calzones. After dinner we went back to the hospital, gathered our things and said goodnight to Eli. He was happily sleeping when we got there and the nurses said he had been very quiet and well-behaved. We look forward to seeing him again tomorrow.