Baby Rupert is Now…

by Dave

Eli Mathias Burlingame. After a long day and short night, we’re ready for anybody that wants to come visit. If you feel like coming out, we’re at United Hospital (connected to Children’s Hospital) in downtown St. Paul. There’s free 2-hour street parking a couple blocks away on 7th St. near Starbucks. Otherwise, you can park in the Red Ramp at the intersection of Smith and Grand for about $3 or $4. The ramp is connected to the hospital.

We talked to the ultrasound guy from cardiology this morning. He said Eli’s heart is still about the same as it was before and will require surgery. We’re thankful God has given him to us, we still believe He can heal the boy, and hopeful that he will perform a miracle without surgery. Whatever happens, we love the boy and are excited to have him.

Here are a couple pics of our happy, new family.