Halloween 2008

by Dave

Our friends, Aaron and Leah Hintgen, had their annual Halloween party again last night. We had a great time socializing, watching ‘Shaun of the Dead’ and eating lots of yummy snacks. Everyone had wonderful costumes, it was fun to try and figure out what some people were dressed up as. Here is a picture of Dave and I at the party. I’ve had this pumpkin costume since high school, this is the first year I’ve been able to fill it out. :) Dave was a paintball sharpshooter. When he arrived to the party he knocked on the door, when it opened he had the paintball gun up and started to stalk his way into the room. People were entertained by it, it took some of them a little while to figure out who he was, all they could see were his eyes.

FYI – the countdown has begun. Only 18 days until Baby Rupert is suppose to make his appearance. :)