by Dave

Baby Rupert had his first set of hiccups on Friday morning. I was laying in bed on my right side and I felt a rhythmic pulsing sensation, it reminded me a lot of hiccups. It was about 7:30am and I woke Dave up to feel him hiccuping. About 1-2 minutes after Baby Rupert started hiccuping he started freaking out. He was kicking, punching, moving, etc. so much, it was very clear he didn’t like what was happening to him. I could feel him freaking out on my left side. Dave had fallen back asleep, I moved his hand to the left side of my belly and he woke up right away, he feel Rupert freaking out from the hiccups. Rupert hiccuped and freaked out for about 10 minutes before he was finally able to get rid of the hiccups. It was fun, cute, strange and exciting all at the same time.