It's a….

by Dave

BOY!!! The B’s now have a boy to go with my brother’s girl. The ultrasound went well; the baby looked good. According to the ultrasound measurements, the computer calculated a new due date of November 12. I’m not sure if one date is more accurate than other (11/20 was the initial due date), or if it’s more of a ballpark type of thing. Either way, it’s going to be very close to hunting season (Nov. 8-16). Below are a couple of the ultrasound pics. Click the images for high-res versions.

We’re thinking about copying our friends Gary and Heidi by giving the baby a womb name (theirs was Bob). The current plan is to keep the baby’s real name a secret until he’s born. We’ll try to have a name picked out, but it won’t really be finalized until we see the kid. I know a lot of people that have changed their minds after seeing their baby for the first time. That said, any suggestions for a womb name?