Washed Out

by Dave

Well, the big camping trip (read 20-minute drive) to Afton State Park was good while it lasted. I got there late since I had to work Friday, but made the most of my evening by trying to make the firewood fit into the fire ring. Becky has several good pics posted on Facebook.

The next day started off nicely with a good hike on the trails, followed by lunch and some down time. Unfortunately, the rain started shortly thereafter. We called it after a couple hours of indecision, thinking if we were going to pack up and walk out in the rain, it may as well be sooner rather than later. Plus, the Hintgens’ tent was leaking badly.

The evening finished nicely, though. After getting home and showering, we all went to Aaron and Leah’s, ordered pizza, killed some zombies and watched a movie. Not bad.