More Idiots

by Dave

It’s been an amazingly long time since I’ve seen somebody do something stupid on the road. They seem to come in bunches, though. Yesterday, on my way to Fridley, some guy was weaving in and out of traffic, cutting off cars like crazy. At one point he moved from the far left lane of 694 through the middle lane and into the right lane in one quick motion. In doing so he cut off a minivan that, fortunately, saw it coming and braked. If he hadn’t, the guy would have hit him. What makes it more stupid is he only passed one or two cars and then quickly moved all the way back into the left lane.

Later I saw a woman driving with a completely flat tire. She was just rolling down the street, trying to destroy her rim. She was looking around like she knew it was flat (she had to know; her window was rolled down and it was making a lot of noise) and was looking for a good place to stop. Mind you, she was on a city street; any place is a good place to stop. She even drove past a couple big parking lots. Maybe she thought it would be less expensive to buy a new rim rather than pay for towing. Somehow, I doubt it.