Visiting Friends

by Dave

We just spent a wonderful weekend in Sioux Falls visiting some amazing friends. We got to spend three nights with Christine and Jerry Schelske in their fabulous new house. It was an absolutely gorgeous house, the cirumstances behind their ability to get that house was truly a blessing for them. I think I ate more food this past weekend than I usually eat in a week. It seems like all Christine and I did on Saturday evening and Sunday was cook, nibble and eat. :) We made enchiladas, teriyka chicken wings, oreo pie, kiwi crush, rice and lots of munchies. We spent Saturday night with the Schelskes, Lexi Nesson and Katie Docken. We heckled each other, ate food and watch a really good movie (Meet the Robbinsons).

On Saturday morning we went to Laura and Andrew Ellsworth’s house and ate a wonderful brunch with them and Nathaniel and Megan Johnson. I had such a fabulous time with them, I’m very glad we were able to get together with them. The highlight of the brunch was seeing the new Johnson addition, Annika Mae. She is such a doll. All I wanted to do was hug her, kiss her, hold her, pet her. Absolutely adorable. Kinda makes me want to steal her (at least for a short time). 

Here are some pictures from our weekend. I didn’t get any pictures of the Schelske’s new house, hopefully next time. Enjoy!!


Dave and I with Christine and Jerry Schelske. This picture is old but I thought I should include a picture of the Schelskes so everyone could know who they are.

Sioux Falls Group Picture

This is our Christmas picture for this December. Kidding!

Back: Nathaniel Johnson, Laura and Andrew Ellsworth

Front: Megan and Annika Johnson, Dave and I.

All of us (minus Dave) went to Augie together. Nathaniel, Laura and I were in the same NSO group. I also lived with Laura during our sophomore year of college. I meet Andrew during the freshman orientation and have been friends ever since. I meet Megan through various other people and became fast friends with her. Megan, Laura and I were all in each others wedding one way or another.

Annika Mae

Annika Mae Johnson – super cute baby!! She is my Baby Puggle.