by Dave

On the way home from church today I witnessed one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen in a car. I exited 94 onto Ruth St. Another car was about two car-lengths behind me. All of a sudden, a car came flying up on the left and cut in right between me and the car behind. He got right up on my bumper because he was going so fast in order to catch up and cut between us. I wasn’t going very fast as the light at the end of the exit was red and there were already about five cars stopped at the light. He rode my bumper a long way up the exit until it widened out and I moved into the left lane. He also moved into the left lane for a moment, but then switched into the right, presumably to avoid the five or six cars turning left. Did he turn right? No. He turned left. From the RIGHT lane. Through a RED light. And to top things off, after making the turn, he looked out his window and flipped us off. What a guy. Where’s a cop when you wanna see somebody get theirs?