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Squirmy Boy

by Dave

Eli generally sits pretty still when we hold him, but almost as soon as you put him down he starts squirming. In the video below he starts off slow, but picks up the pace toward the end.

Really Big Shoooowww

by Dave

So, I’m in this band called Schönefeld and we’re playing a show at the Fine Line Music Cafe on Tuesday, December 9. It’s gonna be awesome. I have free tickets for anyone interested. We play at 9:15. Don’t let this be you on Wednesday morning.

This One Has Sound (For Real)

by Dave

This post marks the debut of our new camera. While our old one performed it’s duty admirably for the last eight years, it was time to make an upgrade. The video below contains actual audio (since the new camera actually has a mic on it). For those of you waiting to hear Eli for the first time, here ya go.

He was not happy at the moment since he was starting to get hungry and the nurse was poking at the monitor on his foot. Without further ado, everyone’s favorite noise: a baby crying.

Face-shaking Fun

by Dave

Eli had a good day of eating yesterday. However, he didn’t eat quite as much as the docs would have liked, so they put the feeding tube back in last night. He also finished taking another drug yesterday. His amounts on some of the others were much lower today as well.

He’s been sleeping really well and acting very content, at least when his diaper is clean. We can tell he needs to be changed when he’s crying and his pacifier won’t make him stop. It’s kind of funny, because you can see him crinkling his face a bit, and then he’ll start crying. One quick look usually confirms that he’s dirtied his diaper.

Here’s a look at Eli feeding. The pic is from yesterday and video is from today.

New Eli Video

by Dave