The Burlingames

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He walks!!!

by Megan

For the past month or so, Noah has been able to take 1-4 steps on his own and cruise along furniture, walls, holding our hands, etc. For the past week or he’s been venturing out on his own more and more. Within the last few days, he has been walking more than crawling. He’s so cute too! He has a wide stance, hands are out/up in a defensive position and he shuffles along with a HUGE smile on his face. Pictures to come soon!


Almost done…

by Megan

We are almost done with the holiday season. We have celebrated 2 of the 3 Christmases thus far, the last one will be celebrated this weekend. The boys made out like bandits this year. Characters from ‘Cars’ was a BIG hit for Eli and Noah got lots of fun toys. Of course the boys like to play with the toys the other one got, which drives Eli nuts. Eli wants to play with his toys and Noah’s toys but won’t allow Noah to touch either set of toys. We’ve been working on sharing!

It was a good Christmas season but I’ve been struggling with being sad. I miss my Mom, a lot. She had the best Christmas celebration ever, in Heaven with our Savior. Selfishly, I wish she was here to enjoy Christmas with me (us). I’ve also been missing Dad a lot, I just feel comfort in being around him. We don’t need to talk or interact, I just feel comforted by being with him.

Side note: I’ve decided to start blogging more and less Facebook. Feel free to check=in and follow. I’m going to post pictures, funnies, stories and things that have been on my heart. Enjoy!