The Burlingames

Chronicling the adventures of the B's


by Dave

The blog is coming back to life. When I wasn’t taking care of the young and infirm I managed to do a bit of maintenance on our site. The current theme may or may not end up being our chosen design, but it’s infinitely better than the default we were stuck with for the last month or so.

FYI: I don’t have a preview button for a lot of the changes I’m making, so don’t be surprised if you click on something and it doesn’t work or if things just generally look strange for a while yet.

We’re in Trouble Now

by Dave

Megan is home sick today (and I’m home watching her and the boys). Earlier she was in bed trying to get some rest. Eli, however, had different plans. He ran down the hallway toward our bedroom to say hello. Usually he just stands at the door or paws at the doorknob. Today he became successful in opening the door and it wasn’t just a fluke; he did it twice in the span of a minute. It remains to be seen what kind of ramifications this will have to the way things work around here.