The Burlingames

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by Dave

We’re not sure yet how long we’ll be staying at the hospital, but as long as we’re here we’ll be glad to entertain visitors. We are at United Hospital in St. Paul, room 2442.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Noah Daniel Burlingame

by Dave

After a gloriously short amount of pushing (seven minutes), Noah Daniel Burlingame arrived in this world. Here are the vital stats:

Weight – 9 lbs. 9 oz.
Length – 21.5 in.

And finally, here’s the boy.

Noah Daniel

About to Start Pushing

by Dave

Before you start asking why I’m taking the time to do this, I’m posting at Megan’s request. We’ll be starting to push in a few minutes. Megan’s epidural has finally kicked in, so all is well in the world (for now). We’re going much faster this time than last.

Later I’ll post some of the things Megan was saying during the pre-epidural pain-stravaganza. I was amused.

Here Comes #2

by Dave

We called the hospital this morning and they said come on in. Megan is being induced as the doc didn’t want her to go past Wednesday and today was good for all parties involved.

We’re camped out in our room, waiting for the meds to take effect. If the meds don’t get the contractions rolling, they’ll pop Megan around noon. And, as we saw last time, that’s when things really get going. We’ll be updating the blog as new info becomes available. Megan is currently one with the Facebook, but I imagine that will change once things speed up.