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Speakon Jack Wiring Project

by Dave

I’ve been quite busy lately with music gear projects. I bought a new bass rig a month or so ago and have been working hard to get it ready to rock. I purchased an Eden WT-300 amp and Ampeg PortaBass 212H speaker cabinet.

The first thing I did was add a speakon jack to the back of the amp. The cab was already wired to use the more reliable connector. The amp, however, was made back in 1997, well before speakon jacks were even invented. Conveniently, there was a spot on the back panel just big enough for me to drill a hole to accommodate the new jack. I used an Irwin Unibit step drill bit to make the holes. It worked great, easily making a clean hole.

Eden WT-300 speakon jack install drilled

I then mounted the jack to the amp chassis.

Eden WT-300 speakon jack intalled

Here’s a look at it from the inside.

Eden WT-300 speakon jack installed (inside)

The wiring was pretty easy. I just added the jack in parallel to the existing 1/4″ jacks. All in all, it was a fun project.

Pedalboard Layout Update

by Dave

I’ve been seeking to make a few changes to the pedalboard for awhile, but finally got around to it. Here’s the current layout, left to right starting at top-left: Ampeg Sub Blaster, EHX Bass Big Muff (relatively new), MXR EQ, EHX Bassballs (new), Loop-Frog routing pedal prototype (made by me), Korg tuner, Tech 21 SansAmp Programmable Bass Driver DI, EHX Small Stone (new; replaced the Russian version of the same pedal).

Could I squeeze any more on this board? Maybe. One thing that would help is to rehouse the Ampeg pedal as the electronics are much smaller than the case would lead you to believe. Another benefit of doing that would be weight reduction; the case on that thing is ridiculously heavy since it’s made of steel (rather than aluminum as many others are). The only problem, though, is I really like how it looks as is. Is that lame? Maybe. Either way, it’s not really an issue (yet) as I’m currently not wanting to put anything else on there.

Pedal Board