The Burlingames

Chronicling the adventures of the B's

4:00pm Update

by Dave

We hung out with Eli for a bit, then we went out for some lunch. He’s doing well. They have him heavily sedated so he can rest and recover. The plan is to remove his ventilator tomorrow morning if all goes well. We’ll be here at the hospital for awhile longer and then we’re going to go home and get some rest since Eli isn’t really doing much. Tomorrow will be a bigger day for hanging around if he comes off the vent, so we’ll rest up for that. Thank you for all your prayers.

11:30am Update

by Dave

Eli’s surgery is complete. He’s getting set up in the PICU. We’re gonna go see him in about a half hour. Hopefully he does well in his recovery. If so, he could be off the ventilator tomorrow or the next day.

11:10am Update

by Dave

The heart portion of the surgery is done and they’re closing him up right now. He’ll be done in about 30-40 minutes.

8:40am Update

by Dave

Surgery is started. Everything is going well.

8:00am Update

by Dave

Eli is out of our hands. The surgery is scheduled to be about three hours once they get him sedated. They’ll let us know when surgery actually starts.