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by Dave

Eli had a good last 24 hours. Yesterday they took the arterial line out of his belly button. Today they removed his chest drainage tubes and took him off the pacemaker. They’re also slowly weening him off of his pain meds and the ventilator. He’s no longer more machine than man. We were also told it’s likely that, in a few days, he’ll be moved upstairs to his own room.

I called the hospital a little while ago to see how he was doing; Eli’s doing well and isn’t requiring much attention (thus, his nurse was watching the news). The patient/nurse ratio there is 1:1, so with Eli doing well, she gets a bit of easy time.

More Video and Pics

by Dave

Eli was very active when we arrived at the hospital today. He was moving around and smiling and showing off for the ladies. Here’s a pic of him flexing (and liking what he sees).

Mighty manly. There are some more pics from today in his photo gallery. Below is some video of his awesome flexing.