The Burlingames

Chronicling the adventures of the B's

Rock and Roll

by Dave

Thursday night marked the first show for my current band, Schönefeld. It was a lot fun. Here’s a look at me during the show. For more great pictures (courtesy of Adam Swenson), check out our Facebook page. Become a fan, if you’re a Facebook member. Check out our music. You might like it.

Milk Village

by Dave

Since Eli’s not eating yet, all of Megan’s milk has been going in the freezer. There’s a bin full of it at the hospital, but we also have a lot of it at home. As you can see, our freezer was getting a bit chaotic.

Now that we’ve had a bit of time at home to do more than just eat and sleep, we organized the freezer. We added a shelf and a bin, but the bin is already full. Here’s how it looks now.

I’ve also added a bunch of pics to Eli’s album. Check them out.

Maybe Tomorrow

by Dave

We’re hanging out with Eli again today. They told us that Eli will likely have his chest closed up tomorrow. Megan’s been reading him some stories and he’s been opening his eyes a bit, especially when they move him from side to back to side (so he’s not always laying the same way). Praise God for a good report.

New Contact Info (Again)

by Dave

Now that we’re in the PICU at Children’s, we have a new hospital number for you. Eli has a phone by his bed for family use, and the number is 612.874.4912. As always, you can call our phones, or the Children’s main line to get in touch if we’re at the hospital.