The Burlingames

Chronicling the adventures of the B's

7:20 Update

by Dave

We visited Eli and ate some dinner. He looks as good as a kid who just had his chest cut open can. He’s stable and sedated. Since he is just going to lay there and we can’t touch him just yet, we’re going to head to our temporary home (thank you, Ziels) for the night and get some sleep. Thank you all for your prayers.

4:40 Update

by Dave

The surgeon came and told us Eli’s doing well. He’s back down in the PICU and we’ll probably be able to go see him in about a half-hour. Praise God for a smooth procedure.

4:00 Update

by Dave

The doc told us Eli is doing really well. They took him off the heart-lung bypass and he’s getting along well. They’re in kind of a waiting period, trying to see how he reacts to being back to his own. The doc was very encouraged by what he’s seen thus far. So, now we just wait to hopefully see him soon. Thank you for all your prayers.

12:10 Update

by Dave

They’ve started the procedure and Eli’s doing well. That’s about all they said. Hopefully the updates stay simple, since that means he’s doing well.

11:40 Update

by Dave

They had a bit of trouble getting Eli’s lines in, but they’re just about set to get started. Fortunately, he was sedated when they were doing all those things. In spite of the trouble, the doc said he’s doing just fine.