The Burlingames

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Video Test

by Dave

I took some video using our digital camera. Since the thing is about a hundred years old (in digital camera years), the video is a bit low quality and there’s no audio. Enjoy.

Know Your Audience

by Dave

Updates are all well and good, but I know what keeps the people coming back: pictures. We added some new ones today to Eli’s photo album. Here’s one from tonight. He was making a lot of noise sucking that pacifier.

New Contact and Visiting Info

by Dave

Now that we’re settled at Minneapolis Children’s Hospital, I have some new contact and visiting info for everybody. The address is:

2525 Chicago Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55404

There’s a ramp that you can park in, but there’s also some free street parking if you’re willing to do a bit of walking. For getting in touch with us, first try our cell phones. Our phones will be off if we’re in the NICU, but you can call us at Eli’s station at 612.874.6295. In case that’s not working for some reason, you can try the hospital’s main line at 612.813.6000.

As I’m sure you’re aware, the hospital staff are not allowed to give out info about Eli’s status. We will keep you updated.

Megan and I are planning on being at the hospital this afternoon and evening. We’ll be in and out of the hospital quite a bit each day, so if you plan on visiting, your best bet is to call and make sure we’re there. Thank you, all of you, for showing your support for our family. We especially would like to thank Katie Farka for all the cooking, cleaning and running she’s done for us these last few days. You’re a life saver.