The Burlingames

Chronicling the adventures of the B's

Week 22

by Dave

What?!?! Week 22, what happened to week 21?!?! Well, since they moved my projected due date up by 8 days I’ve managed to skip a whole week of my pregnancy. :) I hope all of you have enjoyed the pictures of our baby boy that we have posted and the new/updated photo albums. We’ve had so much fun posting this week. Hopefully on Friday we will have some more awesome pictures of our baby boy. We are going in for another ultrasound, it’s a level 2 ultrasound – meaning 3-D images. Yay!!

Red Lights Are Not Stop Signs

by Dave

It’s been awhile since my last bad driver post, and it’s not because people are suddenly better drivers; I’ve just been lazy in reporting.

We’ve all seen the guy that stops at a red light and then slowly creeps into the intersection, either trying to anticipate the light changing or thinking their movement will cause it to change. Well, the one I saw today must have given up on waiting for the light to change and just decided to go through the red. Moron.